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“63% of Asset Managers we are   

   working with, are in Tier 1”

ClearPass Rating Framework

ClearPass is an objective rating framework that assesses each data submission made through the ClearGlass platform by asset managers to their clients. The ClearPass was developed to help asset managers optimise the efficiency of data provision and enable compliance with the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI), and to meet the expectations of their clients

(and their advisors).

The ClearPass rating framework is a simple quantitative scoring system that measures:

  • Comprehensiveness of the data delivery

  • Transparency of costs

  • Ownership of quality controls with a single point of contact

  • Client investment identification codes

  • Means of data delivery

  • Quality of data delivered

  • Timely delivery of data

An asset management firm is categorised into one of four tiers based on their average score

How to Achieve Tier 1 Rating?

  • Deliver the data by the stated due date (usually 4 weeks after request submitted)

  • Only use the standard CTI or machine readable Templates and complete all necessary fields

  • Provide detailed client specific data, not information at fund level

  • Upload the requested data directly onto the ClearGlass admin panel

  • Provide mandate or portfolio identifiers e.g. ISIN, LEI, CUSIP

ClearGlass Transparency Icons

The ClearGlass Transparency Icons are granted to asset managers achieving the standard of transparency expected by institutional clients and are fully compliant with CTI data provision. The ClearGlass Transparency Icons and criteria for being granted each icon are shown below.

Granted to asset managers who achieve ClearPass Tier 1 rating in two consecutive half year time periods

Granted to asset managers who achieve ClearPass Tier 1 rating in two consecutive half year time periods

The Icons are free to use by asset managers who meet the criteria, if you are interested in determining the current rating of an asset manager and a company's eligibility to carry an Icon please contact for details.

Download here the full ClearPass Guide

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ClearPass is a Framework that Measures the Quality of Data Delivered by Asset Managers

ClearPass was established to allow comparability, ensure accountability and increase quality of the submissions of data by asset managers

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