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Our History

ClearGlass Analytics is an independent data analytics company, created to help asset owners, investment advisors and asset managers assess the Value for Money (VfM) of their investments.

ClearGlass supports the UK's Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) and the Republic of Ireland's Cost Transparency Standard (CTS), data collection frameworks. They were created for investors to receive detailed, consistent and standardised cost and charges information from asset managers and other service providers.


This information can be used to help assess the Value for Money of investments and to provide benchmarking reports and market pricing insights.

Company Timeline

Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Head of Market Engagement

Mark Lindhiem
Mark Lindhiem

Head of Client Success

Goku Suresh
Goku Suresh

Head of Data

Jonathan Deane
Jonathan Deane

Head of Product

Kunal Varma
Kunal Varma

Chief Technology Officer

Luke Slaney
Luke Slaney

Head of People & Talent

Management Team

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ClearGlass Supports Cost Transparency in
Institutional Investments

ClearGlass provides cost verification and benchmarking reports that enable institutional investors to assess their Value for Money (VfM)



assessed across 46 investment strategies


Asset Managers

trust ClearGlass with their data


Pension Schemes

have used ClearGlass to measure and manage their investment costs



have used ClearGlass to offer greater transparency to their clients

Transparency In Cost And Performance Benchmarking

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ClearGlass provides benchmarking analytics to asset owners, investment advisors and asset managers that enables them to assess the Value for Money (VfM) of their investments. To learn more, please request a call with one of our team.

'' ClearGlass was built to support asset owners and their advisors ability to understand the value for money that asset managers bring to the UK and Europe's multi-trillion pound asset management market. The result is asset owners who better understand the value for money of their investments, and asset managers who have access to information on the competitiveness of the outcomes they deliver. "

Chris Sier

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Sier

UK, Chief Executive Officer

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