Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are stand alone shelves or shelving units that are primarily made up from glass. The actual shelving element here is usually made from glass although any base or supporting structure may be made from a different material.

You can buy a variety of different types of glass shelves. Some may come as part of a ready made or flat-packed bookcase or shelving unit such as a dresser or a display cabinet. Others may simply come as stand alone shelves that you can put up individually or together with other shelves.

So, for example, you might buy stand alone glass shelves that are ‘floating’ shelves. These work on the basis that the shelf itself is fitted to the wall via a strip bracket and doesn’t need brackets underneath it to prop it up or to be attached to a shelving rail.

An alternative here that is often used is the suspended glass shelf. These kinds of glass shelves often work like floating shelves but they are given added support from wires that are suspended from each outside corner and which then attach to the wall above the shelf itself.

Some people will put up glass shelves as part of a bigger shelving system. One common way of doing this is to use bracket runners which you attach to the wall. The glass shelving you’ll be using will then be simply slotted into bracket holes. This kind of system allows you to place your shelves at heights and positions to suit you and to change them over time if you wish.

Standard brackets may also be an option. These glass shelves work much like traditional shelving. Here, you simply attach the brackets to the wall and the glass shelf then sits on top of the brackets which will then support it. In some cases the shelves may be attached to the brackets. In others they may simply sit on top of them.

The actual type of glass used in glass shelves can also vary. Some people will prefer to use clear glass. Frosted, coloured and decorated glasses are other popular alternatives here. Your choice of glass may be dictated by what you’ll use the shelving for.

You can use glass shelves in rooms all over the house. They are often commonly found in bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, for example. Many people simply prefer to have this clean and uncluttered look in their home than other alternatives.