Glass Cleaners

A glass cleaner is a type of cleaning product that is designed to clean various types of glass. In some cases these cleaners come in a liquid form where they are squirted on to the glass in question or rubbed in before being cleaned or polished off. In other cases glass cleaners can be specially impregnated cloths. These cloths are used to wipe over the area of glass that needs to be cleaned before, once again, being polished or cleaned off.

There are various types of glass cleaner that can be used both for domestic and commercial purposes. So, for example, you could use a general glass cleaner around the home or in the office when you want to clean your windows. Alternatively, you could use a specialist glass window cleaner here if you like. Other types of specialist glass cleaners include:

Some people like to make up their own glass cleaners and there are various solutions that are passed down as alternative remedies here. For example, some people will clean their windows with damp newspapers or with a lemon and water solution. The key thing to remember with a glass cleaner is that its aim is to cut through dirt and grease and to clean the glass without leaving lines or streaks.