Crystal Drinking Glasses

Placing crystal drinking glasses next to your place settings of china makes your china cabinet look very elegant. However, you do need to choose the right crystal drinking glasses to suit your China. You can also have a selection of crystal glasses in your bar, but these would need to be of lower quality if they are going to be used a lot. This is because if you have crystal glasses that are 30% lead or higher, you really should not use them as containers for liquids. Lead crystal glasses should only be used for ornamental purposes because of the lead content. Some acidic drinks can cause the lead to leech into the liquid and this could cause lead poisoning.

Crystal glasses are very fragile. You cannot wash them in the dishwasher and when you wash them by hand they will not react well with harsh commercial detergents. It is best to wash them with mild detergent and warm water. When drying the glasses, you should also use a lint-free cloth. Dust can damage crystal. Even if you keep them next to the china settings in your china cabinet and only take them out for special occasions, it’s best to dry or dust them with a blow dryer.

Crystal is also very sensitive to temperature changes. If you are using the glasses for warm liquids, always warm the glasses first. Before you put ice and cold drinks into the glasses, chill them first to avoid breakage. When you store the glasses, always put them right side up. Placing them upside down will damage the delicate edges and make them unusable.